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Joden Shihan Ward Westerhoff


Ward Westerhoff

Ward Westerhoff born 1976, started in April 1996 with the training of the Takeda Sobudo (Aikido, Iaido, Jodo, Jukempo, Kendo and Jujitsu). Founder of the Dutch Association Takeda Budo in the Netherlands (NVTB) in 2001 with Sobukan Utrecht as the first dojo. In January 2003 he started Sobukan Nieuwegein as the second dojo of the NVTB. In November of 2003 he receives his Shodan Menkyo (teacher's license for the basic level). In 2009, he receives from Soke Kobilza de Chudan Menkyo (advanced level license) Takeda Ryu Kobilza ha. In 2010 together with his pupil who was Hosa (assistant) at that time, the start of a new dojo in Vleuten, which became later than Sobukan Leidse Rijn. Since July 2016, Joden Shihan (teacher License Higher Level) and member of the Shidoshinsahonbu (highest exam committee and advisors).


Joden Shihan
Member of ISTB Shidoshinsahonbu
Aikido 5th dan
Iaido 4th dan
Jodo 4th dan
Jukempo 3rd dan
Kendo 4th dan
Jujitsu 3rd dan





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