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Two Representatives




Letter of AttorneyIn October, Kobilza receives the official confirmation ("Letter of Attorney") of his position as an instructor and representative for Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha in Europe. As a first step he starts with two clubs in Austria (his own club, Budokan Vienna, later renamed as Sobukan Vienna, another one in Salzburg, Budokan Salzburg) and with one club in Germany, the Budoclub Binzen, that was already affiliated then with Kobilza's Jujitsu Association.


Maroteaux also becomes a representative for Europe, and branch director for France. (We have never seen the respective certificates, but we presume that they exist.)


Monika Werhahn-Mees closes her dojo, the Luxembourg Sobukan, due to private reasons and moves to Arlon/Belgium.





EST foundation in Avignon, 1990With Nakamura's approval, a first European organization (EST = European Sobukai Takedaryu) is founded with its headquarters in France; president is Roland Maroteaux (France), vice-president is Siegfried Kobilza (Austria); these are the only two representatives authorized by Nakamura for the whole of Europe. Monika Werhahn-Mees, who is also a foundation member of EST, becomes second vice-president.


Kobilza, Morita, Nakamura and Maroteaux
(at the foundation of EST in Avignon, 1990)


Maroteaux is awarded a 5th dan in Aikido, Iaido and Jodo by Soke Nakamura and also receives the school's Joden Menkyo (1st Shihan license).


Aiki Goshin-do magazine 1 Aiki Goshin-do magazine 2 Aiki Goshin-do magazine 3 Aiki Goshin-do magazine 4
In the official magazine of Maroteaux's Aiki Goshin-Do Federation this event is covered in several articles. (Click on the pictures above.)


Kobilza - Renshi - 5. DanKobilza is certified as Renshi 5th dan in Takedaryu Jujitsu.


Bernard Piccin, representing the Budo Club Lauterbourg (France), foundation member of EST and a member of Maroteaux's Aiki Goshin-Do organization then, applies for an affiliation with Kobilza's Takeda group already after the end of the foundation meeting.


Monika Werhahn-Mees begins to teach Aikido in Arlon.





Kobilza invites Maroteaux, president of EST, to a meeting in Vienna in order to exchange ideas about the further development, yet it soon becomes apparent that Kobilza's vision for the future of Takeda Ryu in Europe is quite different from that of the EST's president.


R. Maroteaux, P. Glorion and S. Kobilza (EST meeting in Vienna/Austria, 1991)


Budokan ArlonMonika Werhahn-Mees, having also stopped teaching Aikido in Arlon, moves to Neuss (Germany). In the future she never teaches Takeda Budo again, and after some years, regrattably she retires completely from the budo scene. One of her students from Arlon, Valmy Debot, is recommended by her to Sensei Kobilza, who accepts him as his pupil. With Kobilza's support as his Sensei, Debot does not take a long time to establish his own club, the Budokan Arlon, today directed by one of Debot's early students, Mrs. Osvalda Scimia, one of the few female Sensei within the ISTB.

The Budokan in Arlon, a very beautiful
dojo directed successfully by
Kancho Osvalda Scimia.


In the same year, a first dojo in The Netherlands and further clubs in Austria and Germany become affiliated to Kobilza's group.





Kobilza becomes Joden Shihan. With Nakamura's approval, he decides to create his own organization, the International Society for Takeda Budo (ISTB), the name of which (Takeda Ryu Sobudo Kokusai Kyokai) is given by Soke Nakamura, and the objective of which is the worldwide promotion of the Takeda Budo. From now on, Kobilza is able to develop the Takeda Budo according to his own standards.


ISTB foundation meeting in Vienna: (from l. to r.) Shihan Matsushita and Morita, Soke Nakamura, Shihan Sofue, Kobilza and Toyoshima.


Budogala - Vienna 1992The 1st International Congress for Takeda Budo takes place in Vienna/Austria. There are intensive training courses (for Aikido, Iaido and Jodo) conducted by Soke Nakamura, and for the first time ever, outside of Japan the entire school is presented to the public in a big budo show, "Die Nacht der Samurai" (The Night of the Samurai). This remarkable presentation, strongly covered by the Austrian press and Television, is also recorded on a first video published by ISTB with the title "The Art of the Samurai".







In January, ISTB is officially registered. President is Siegfried Kobilza. Pierre Glorion, who is not only Kobilza's assistant since many years, but also an ISTB foundation member, becomes vice-president. Soke Nakamura accepts the position of an honorary president. Shihan Sofue, Morita, Toyoshima, and Matsushita, leading masters of the Nihon Sobudo Rengokai, are appointed honorary members. A few years later, in 1998, Sensei Monika Werhahn-Mees will also be appointed an honorary member in acknowledgement for her merits for ISTB and Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha in those early years.


Budo PassportISTB has branches in Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, France and The Netherlands and introduces its international budo passport issued for each member. This is the beginning of an extremely successful era of spreading Takeda Budo in Europe.


In the nineties, Kobilza travels regularly to Japan and establishes the International Congress for Takeda Budo in Vienna as a regular yearly event conducted by Soke Nakamura in order to secure the high quality of budo development within the ISTB. Holding 23 dan degrees in Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha at that time, Kobilza is already the by far highest-ranked master of the school outside of Japan. His travel activities within Europe increase rapidly, as he wants to teach and promote Takeda Budo personally in the whole of Europe. The following years are shaped by an intensive seminar offer for ISTB pupils and for its teachers.



Kobilza provides tuition material for students and teachers; ISTB publishes further videos including the first training video ever for Takeda Ryu Aikido. ISTB also begins to introduce the various kinds of contest (shiai) as practised in Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha.




On his journey to France, Nakamura visits also Kobilza in Vienna, on the one hand in order to teach him personally (this time especially Jukempo) and, on the other hand, to prepare the 2nd Takeda Budo Congress in Vienna and the gala presentation of Takeda Budo in Graz/Austria planned for the same year.


In France, Maroteaux is awarded the 6th dan in Aïkido. As the president of EST, he is not really happy about the fact that there are two European representatives and two organizations (EST and ISTB) for Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha, but things are as they are, since Nakamura had authorized two men to represent his school in Europe in 1989.


Kobilza is more content with this situation, because it gives him the opportunity to push the technical development within the ISTB according to his own standards. It is owed to him that, already at this early state of development, ISTB and its members represent a remarkable and highly appreciated standard.


In July, the 2nd International Congress for Takeda Budo conducted by Soke Nakamura takes place in Vienna with training courses in Aikido, Iaido, Jodo, Jukempo and Kendo, with special emphasis on the shiai practice in all these disciplines; it is also the first time outside of Japan that Takeda Ryu Shurikenjutsu is taught; and finally the new budo show in Graz/Austria is a big success.


A gala presentation in Graz/Austria organized by ISTB, 1993 Matsushita Sensei (Japan) and Glorion Sensei (Austria) demonstrating Iaido Batto Shiai, Shushin (main judge) is Soke Nakamura (Embu Taikai in Graz/Austria, 1993





1994 till 1997


During this period a conflict occurs between EST and ISTB and eventually between EST and Nakamura. The Belgian branch of EST attacks the ISTB representative in Belgium, Valmy Debot, and demands that he stops his "illegal" Takeda Budo activities. The EST representatives, Richard Gillet (Takeda Ryu Sobukai Belgium) and Serge Charlopeau (General Secretary of EST), claim that EST has an exclusive right to represent Takeda Budo in Europe. Why they think and act like this, can't be understood, as such an exclusive right so far was never granted by Nakamura. It is somewhat absurd, as Kobilza is an authorized representative for Europe (since 1989 by Soke Nakamura's "Letter of Attorney"), and he presented the respective document already in the EST foundation meeting in Avignon in July 1990. Kobilza is furthermore the highest-ranked master of Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha outside of Japan, and ISTB, which is directed by him, is a fully recognized organization, which was founded with the approval of Nakamura who is the ISTB's honorary president. ISTB wants to avoid a juridical case and therefore asks Nakamura to confirm all these facts, which he does by a document dated January 25, 1995.


Confirmation document from Soke Nakamura.


Unfortunately EST insists on its alleged right, with reference to statements from Nakamura, who supposingly makes contradictory statements to each side instead of putting an end to this conflict by an adequate information policy opposite the two representatives and their organizations.


In order to defend his representative in Belgium and of course also the interests of the ISTB, Kobilza initiates legal measures against those who attacked ISTB presenting all the relevant papers to the Belgian court. Maroteaux and EST ask for Nakamura's support in this matter, but Nakamura cannot give it to them, as he himself caused the problem. The consequence is that EST and Maroteaux are disappointed and leave Nakamura and the Nihon Sobudo Rengokai in September 1996. Richard Gillet who attacked the ISTB representative no longer stays with EST, he and his Belgian Takeda group later will apply for a membership with Kobilza's ISTB.


In July 1997, Roland Maroteaux is "excluded" by Soke Nakamura from the school, as the spell letter tells. However, this rather strange act of Nakamura is somewhat absurd with respect to the fact that Maroteaux resigned from the school already in the year before.


In December 1997, Maroteaux proclaims his own budo school designated as Takeda Ryu Maroto Ha.


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