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Okuden Shihan Philippe Boutelet


Philippe Boutelet

Born in 1962, practices Japanese martial arts (Karate, Aikijutsu and traditional Japanese weapons) since his young age. After a long time of practising and teaching, his passion for the budo leads him to an even more complete practice. Participating in a Takeda Ryu training course, he discovers the Sobudo. In 2001, he meets master Kobilza, with whom he soon develops a sincere friendship. By Kobilza’s way of teaching, he discovers not only a school, but a style of an incredible richness as far as the technical quality is concerned and also with respect to the teaching method. He consequently decides to devote his practice to the various disciplines of this school and joins ISTB.
He obtains the shoden menkyo in 2004. With the support of his wife, also a high level teacher for Takeda Budo, with whom he has been sharing the budo as well as many students and budo friends for several decades, he concentrates now on his pioneer work, the development and promotion of Takeda Budo in France.
In 2008, he receives the chuden menkyo from ISTB and is appointed chief representative for France. 2010 joden menkyo (upper level license), hereby became shihan and receives his budo name "Yougen Minamoto (no) Sanemitsu. 2016 promoted to okuden shihan (shihan of the secret level).

Okuden Shihan
Member of ISTB Shidoshinsahonbu & chief representative for France
Aikido 6th dan
Iaido 5th dan
Jodo 4th dan
Jukempo 3th dan
Kendo 3th dan
Jujitsu 3th Dan











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