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The art of Takeda Ryu stick fighting is quite unique, combining the strategies and techniques of unarmed self-defence with those of armed combat.



Tachi uke (Glorion Shihan) Bojutsu



The use of the stick (staff) as a weapon is very old. Samurai weapons like yari (spear), naginata (halberd) and also the katana (sword) are based on this discipline. Thereby the staff always proves a versatile and extremely effective weapon full of surprises for one’s opponent, whether in a rapid exchange of blows in stick fighting or in tricky situations of self-defence.


Jodo (Gonzalez a. Guzman Sensei)



Jodo, as taught in Takeda Ryu Kobilza Ha, uses jo or bo of different lengths, it is quite manifold and contains locks, immobilization techniques and throws as well as thrusts, strikes and blocks.


Jodo osaegime Jodo throw



Jodo shiai 1 Jodo shiai 2 Jodo shiai 3 Jodo shiai 4



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