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Assistant Coach Qualification Course for Asian Martial Arts

Assistant Coach Qualification CourseIn cooperation between the Austrian Association for Asian Martial Arts (Fachverband für Fernöstliche Kampfsportarten, ÖFFK) and the Sportunion-Akademie.

Target group

Trainers and aspiring practitioners in all Asian or related martial arts

who are seeking accredited trainer qualifications and who do not have access to such qualifications through their own organization.



This interdisciplinary qualification program covers theoretical and practical subjects: didactics (systematic structuring of content, martial-arts-specific instruction), methodology (efficient and targeted training methods, planning and structuring a training unit), pedagogy (objectives and boundaries of martial arts, safety during training), first aid and sport-related biology, general training theory, mechanics, self defense law, and much more.

The practical part includes preparatory and follow-up exercises (including safe falling techniques), mobilization, motion analysis for martial artists, supplemental training measures, and the organization and supervision of practical training units (coaching exercises).

Note: The assistant coach course prepares for and is a prerequisite for the accredited instructor course! For this reason, the ISTB recommends that anyone who would like to earn an instructor's license at a later time take this course!

Registration deadline

October 22, 2015

Further information and registration

at the web site of Sportunion-Akademie:


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