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Okuden Shihan Andreas Schoch


Andreas Schoch

Andreas Schoch, born 1973 in Leoben, practises Takeda Budo since 1992 under Siegfried Kobilza (Aikido, Iaido, Jodo, Jukempo, Kendo, eventually also Jujitsu). In 1995, he's founded the Sobukan Union Graz and he is still its chairman today.

1999, shoden menkyo (1st instructor license) and hanshikai member. 2005, chuden menkyo (2nd instructor license) and member of the shidoshinsahonbu (highest board of examiners and advisors). 2009 joden menkyo (upper lever license) and hereby became shihan. 2010 he receives his budo name "Seigen Minamoto (no) Morimitsu" from Takeda Ryu Kobilza Ha. 2016 promoted to okuden shihan (shihan of the secret level).


Okuden Shihan
Member of ISTB Shidoshinsahonbu & ISTB Webmaster
Aikido 6th dan
Iaido 6th dan
Jodo 6th dan
Jukempo 5th dan
Kendo 5th dan
Jujitsu 5th dan








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